Backlog Beatdown: Game Of Thrones

Welcome back to Backlog Beatdown, where I attempt to kick water uphill by playing and reviewing games on my considerable Steam backlog. Today, we’re going to talk about Game Of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series. With a new season from both the television show and the game series lurking on the horizon, I thought it would be smart to put this game to bed once and for all. Of course, when you’re talking about George R. R. Martin’s famous brutality machine of a series, the bed you’re putting it in might contain someone you’re related to, so watch yourself.

All The Right Answers: Thoughts on “Life Is Strange, Episode 1”

More than anything else, the “school spirit with a sinister underbelly” setting combined with the time travel mechanic makes Life Is Strange remind me of Donnie Darko. Add in a smattering of Twin Peaks oddness and “missing girl” mystery, and you’ve got a story that leaves you feeling curious and unsettled. Dontnod has done a great job at leaving you wanting more, and engaging you with a setting and plotline that feels urgent and foreboding.

Bigby Goes Down: Thoughts On The Wolf Among Us, Episode Two

I’ve never been a massive fan of the trend of reimagining fairy tales as modern day stories. Every year, and there’s another Disney teen cast as Snow White or Red Riding Hood or Struwwelpeter. The whole idea always struck me as somehow both pretentious and lazy: take a plot line and a series of well-established…