Sega Announces Total War: WARHAMMER!

Well, the rumors have proven beautifully true–Sega is indeed bringing us an epic Total War game filled with orcs and dwarves and gods and chaos!

This Is About Survival: Thoughts on “Alien: Isolation”

The “retro-future” aesthetic of Isolation puts you right into the universe. It’s a Throwback Thursday to a Thursday that we completely fabricated. One where interstellar travel and cassette tapes held hands and probably made out under the bleachers: truly bizarre and a lot of fun.

Macabre Memories: Altered Beast

They say that survival horror is largely dead as a genre.  Who are “they”, you might ask?  Why, I’m referring to the mysterious voices that whisper out of the Internet Machine, dear reader, and kindly stop interrupting or I’ll beat you with this sack of belt buckles.  But while the genre itself might have seen…

Bullets And Creativity: Thoughts On Shadowrun Returns

Everything about Shadowrun Returns intrigued me to the core.  Kickstarter-funded with some lofty ambitions, gamers all over the country were waiting to see if they would pull it off.  Because what the fine folks at Harebrained Studios were aiming for was simple, but at the same time something old-schoolers could salivate themselves into dehydration for. …