The Conquistadork Reviews “XCOM 2”

Let’s face it: this world is full of addictions. Sex, drugs, girl scout cookies: they’re all over the place. We’ve all got our poisons, and the XCOM franchise is one of mine. With its heavy customization and blend of city-building strategy and turn-based combat, it combines a huge number of the things that have charmed me over to the world of video games since my youth. The reboot of the original classic was released in 2012 to pretty universal praise, and the knowledge that a sequel would coming our way this year was enough to make fans like me shit an emotional brick of elerium and alien alloys. What are this sequel’s pros and cons? Well, it turns out that there’s plenty of both to go around.

Meet The New Boss: Thoughts on Civilization Revolution 2

Civilization has always been one of the most meaningful gaming experiences of my life, trailing back about as far as Sid Meiers decided that he wanted to peddle a more brightly colored version of electronic crack. It’s a smart, grandiose sort of experience for those of us who weren’t content to play a single hero…