The Conquistadork Reviews “The Slaughter: Act One”

So, there are a lot of us older gamers who were raised on true adventure games. Series like Kings Quest, Monkey Island, and the general ilk of the long forgotten Sierra come to mind. The story-heavy, point and click adventure that I am convinced made up a massive part of the geek gamerbase that we have today.

All The Right Answers: Thoughts on “Life Is Strange, Episode 1”

More than anything else, the “school spirit with a sinister underbelly” setting combined with the time travel mechanic makes Life Is Strange remind me of Donnie Darko. Add in a smattering of Twin Peaks oddness and “missing girl” mystery, and you’ve got a story that leaves you feeling curious and unsettled. Dontnod has done a great job at leaving you wanting more, and engaging you with a setting and plotline that feels urgent and foreboding.

Life Is Strange Launch Trailer Revealed!

For now, it seems that the end of the episodic adventure game is nowhere in sight, and lovers of the unique and surreal couldn’t be happier about that fact. The most recent example comes from the kinetic and distinctly French tang of Life Is Strange, which will be released by this time tomorrow on January 30th.