Make Geeks Afraid Again

I remember attending my first convention, and seeing the parade of cosplay. A kid in the parking lot who had made a fully functional Gundam suit out of cardboard and epoxy. He fired missiles into a nearby Toyota Tundra and the crowd cheered with delight, their faces lit from the yellow glow of the fuel tank igniting. Faced with that level of open geekery my first instinct wasn’t dissimilar to the reaction many aging gay men from Mississippi must have had when they saw their first Pride parade.

“Cover yourself up!” my instincts told me to cry out. “For god’s sake: people can see you!”

Terroir Review

When Terroir left Early Access in September, I was genuinely excited. A tycoon game that centers around owning a vineyard, raising grapes, and fermenting them into daddy’s favorite grape drink seemed perfect for me: exactly the sort of itch I was hoping to scratch.

Sadly, Terroir isn’t quite there yet.

The Commodore 64 Is Getting Its Own Mini

The SNES Classic’s release isn’t the only nostalgia machine that’s getting attention today. Retro Games Ltd announced that it will be joining in on the tiny games market with their own wayback machine, called THEC64 Mini, to be released in early 2018. 

XCOM 2: War Of The Chosen Review

The recent expansion War Of The Chosen is no slouch when it comes to taking the base game of XCOM 2 and improving on it in a big way. War of the Chosen is an expansion in the old school sense of the word. Somewhere along the way, expansions were replaced by DLC, and the difference seems to be that while DLC adds features to a base game, an expansion truly… well, expands it. Both in the way you play and what you play against.

The Shrouded Isle Review

Who wouldn’t want to lead their own merciless, awe-inspiring cult to an ancient god of darkness? A respite from the hum drum world—you’d no longer find yourself at the mercy of the modern day rat race. You’d be your own standard bearer to evil. Your own person. Isn’t that really the dream?