Distrust Review

Is it too much to hope that, in a survival setting, you’ll just need to worry about the basic components of food, shelter, and sleep, without also incurring the wrath of alien beings that sense you primarily when you’re unconscious?

The indie horror strategy game Distrust says “yes.”

The Red Strings Club Review

The cyberpunk genre has always been something of a strange one. On one hand, it can be very metaphoric and thoughtful: It deals with topics of humanity by pushing the envelope in the direction of inhumanity. It makes us recognize our own world by showing us one that is distinctly alien and far fetched. On…

Nantucket Review

Traumatized by the events that led to the deaths of so many, Ishmael gives up his life on the seas, meets a pretty girl, settles down, has a few kids, and never, ever eats seafood again.

I’m kidding, he totally commissions a ship and crew of his own to hunt down and destroy Moby Dick for himself.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar Review

I enjoyed Battle Chasers in high school: it had an incredible art style and a fun, if standard fantasy adventure storyline full of legendary artifacts, talking robots, and warriors with mysterious pasts. But I’d be a liar if I expected that it had any sort of rebirth set up for its future.

And I was wrong in a big way: because not only is Battle Chasers: Nightwar a fun continuation of the comic’s memorable characters, it’s a pretty stand up video game in its own right.