Assassin’s Creed Origins Wants To Educate, As Well As Assassinate

It sounds a bit like a stabby sequel to a Beatles album, but in reality Ubisoft are developing a game mode for their latest AC game that includes no combat. Instead, players will wander the open world, learning about Ancient Egyptian life and taking tours of the Sphinx, the great Pyramids, and many other historic locales. 


The Shrouded Isle Review

Who wouldn’t want to lead their own merciless, awe-inspiring cult to an ancient god of darkness? A respite from the hum drum world—you’d no longer find yourself at the mercy of the modern day rat race. You’d be your own standard bearer to evil. Your own person. Isn’t that really the dream?

Antihero Review

Board games used to be relegated to a pretty standard collection of fare: your Risks, your Parcheesis, your Monopolys if you hate your friends and family. But in the past ten years or so, they’ve been part of a renaissance: new board games with more complex ideas and rules are released daily to a fairly mainstream audience. So in this age of recycling and reinventing the wheel, it was only a matter of time before the idea of digital board games took on some popularity of its own.

911 Operator Review

I can’t prove that 911 Operator was directly influenced by the emergency-laden yarns of Rescue 911, but it’s certainly the first thing I thought of when I played it.