The Conquistadork Reviews “XCOM 2”

Let’s face it: this world is full of addictions. Sex, drugs, girl scout cookies: they’re all over the place. We’ve all got our poisons, and the XCOM franchise is one of mine. With its heavy customization and blend of city-building strategy and turn-based combat, it combines a huge number of the things that have charmed me over to the world of video games since my youth. The reboot of the original classic was released in 2012 to pretty universal praise, and the knowledge that a sequel would coming our way this year was enough to make fans like me shit an emotional brick of elerium and alien alloys. What are this sequel’s pros and cons? Well, it turns out that there’s plenty of both to go around.

Backlog Beatdown: Game Of Thrones

Welcome back to Backlog Beatdown, where I attempt to kick water uphill by playing and reviewing games on my considerable Steam backlog. Today, we’re going to talk about Game Of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series. With a new season from both the television show and the game series lurking on the horizon, I thought it would be smart to put this game to bed once and for all. Of course, when you’re talking about George R. R. Martin’s famous brutality machine of a series, the bed you’re putting it in might contain someone you’re related to, so watch yourself.

The Conquistadork Reviews “Firewatch”

Before I even begin, I’m going to address the fact that I’ve never felt any distaste or enmity for the expression “walking simulator”. For the uninitiated, “walking simulator” refers to any of the great number of indie games that have been released in the past five years or so that seem to get everyone into…

The Conquistadork Reviews “Rise Of The Tomb Raider”

Nearly three years ago I played the 2013 reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise and absolutely fell in love. Now, I had never played any of the original Tomb Raider games and therefore had little basis for comparison when it came to what I should expect. What I didn’t expect, however, was how exciting, gorgeous and just plain fun that reboot would be. It sent me straight to my computer where I wrote up a review that would eventually become the first article on my gaming blog, Notes From The Conquistadork.

The Conquistadork Reviews “Darkest Dungeon”

Well, hallelujah and go tell it on the mountain: another Early Access success story!

I know it sounds like I’m being sarcastic here, but sincerely: in a world where there’s so much to complain about with the current state of Early Access and Steam Greenlight and asset flipping and unfinished projects, it’s always worth it to celebrate when one works out well.