Lake Ridden Review

Throughout my experience playing this puzzler, I found myself unbelievably frustrated and then charmed by its uniqueness, and then frustrated all over again.

Where The Water Tastes Like Wine Review

On my way to Charlotte, I camped out with a man who walked with a crutch. We’d met on the road before, and he asked me to tell him a scary story to liven up the evening, so I told him about a strange, winged creature that I’d seen wandering the woods of New Jersey. He told me about his time in the war, and we parted ways. The next time I saw him was outside of Charleston, where he was literally tearing himself in two.

Into The Breach Review

It’s been a hectic past month for me, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been out of the loop on that latest games. And because of that, I thought I’d take a second to talk a little bit about what is certain to be a comfort food game for me for some time to come. That…

Shadow of the Colossus Review

  You remember the first time you met someone who hadn’t seen the Godfather, or read Harry Potter? That look of grim fascination you have them as you peppered them with questions? Questions like, “How have you existed so long without experiencing this thing?” It’s not necessarily a criticism of the person’s character, but you…

Distrust Review

Is it too much to hope that, in a survival setting, you’ll just need to worry about the basic components of food, shelter, and sleep, without also incurring the wrath of alien beings that sense you primarily when you’re unconscious?

The indie horror strategy game Distrust says “yes.”

The Red Strings Club Review

The cyberpunk genre has always been something of a strange one. On one hand, it can be very metaphoric and thoughtful: It deals with topics of humanity by pushing the envelope in the direction of inhumanity. It makes us recognize our own world by showing us one that is distinctly alien and far fetched. On…

Nantucket Review

Traumatized by the events that led to the deaths of so many, Ishmael gives up his life on the seas, meets a pretty girl, settles down, has a few kids, and never, ever eats seafood again.

I’m kidding, he totally commissions a ship and crew of his own to hunt down and destroy Moby Dick for himself.