My Favorite Horror Games Of 2017 (so far)

It’s Halloween, and we’re all looking for something new and spooky to play. So here are my favorite horror games I’ve played in 2017 so far.

Maybe you’ll find one to try out…

Make Geeks Afraid Again

I remember attending my first convention, and seeing the parade of cosplay. A kid in the parking lot who had made a fully functional Gundam suit out of cardboard and epoxy. He fired missiles into a nearby Toyota Tundra and the crowd cheered with delight, their faces lit from the yellow glow of the fuel tank igniting. Faced with that level of open geekery my first instinct wasn’t dissimilar to the reaction many aging gay men from Mississippi must have had when they saw their first Pride parade.

“Cover yourself up!” my instincts told me to cry out. “For god’s sake: people can see you!”

Game Developers Choice Awards Finalist Predictions!

The smoke signal has appeared above the Vatican, confirming that the Pope has chosen a series of finalists for the 15th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards–finalists that will lead us into a glorious new future full of space operas and shadowy figures and what the hell: maybe an entertaining achievement or two. …at least that’s…

The Conquistadork’s Favorite Video Games of 2014

Anyone else feel a little underwhelmed at 2014’s gaming offerings? I don’t know: wasn’t this supposed to be the year of next gen greatness? It’s not to suggest that there weren’t any good games this year–far from it–it’s just that there weren’t as many crushers as last year. You know what? That’s exactly what it is: we…