Make Geeks Afraid Again

I remember attending my first convention, and seeing the parade of cosplay. A kid in the parking lot who had made a fully functional Gundam suit out of cardboard and epoxy. He fired missiles into a nearby Toyota Tundra and the crowd cheered with delight, their faces lit from the yellow glow of the fuel tank igniting. Faced with that level of open geekery my first instinct wasn’t dissimilar to the reaction many aging gay men from Mississippi must have had when they saw their first Pride parade.

“Cover yourself up!” my instincts told me to cry out. “For god’s sake: people can see you!”

Harold Ramis Dead At 69

Ugh.  This one kicks me right in the stomach. Harold Ramis, comedy genius, died today of complications from autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis.  Whatever the hell that is.  It seems appropriate that it would require an immensely rare disease to end the life of an immensely rare talent like Ramis.  Ghostbusters, Animal House, Caddyshack… Groundhogs Day, for god’s…

The Conquistadork’s 5 Favorite Comedy Albums of 2013

2013 was a seriously good year for comedy.  I mean–not follow up album to Conquistadork good, but still pretty damn good.  To celebrate that fact here in these waning days, I have compiled a list of my five favorite comedy albums of 2013.  I say “five favorite” rather than “five best” because I could stand to…