About Phil


Phil Keeling is a comedian and writer based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

Phil’s blog, Notes From The Conquistadork (y’know–the one you’re reading right now), explores the beautiful culture of video games in the 21st century, with news, reviews, editorials, and badly stitched-together musings. He geniunely believes games to be an artform, poor thing, and is drawn to those with a strong sense of narrative, innovation, and panache. He is also working on becoming a YouTuber (because he’s full of good ideas) and you can check him out here.

In addition to his work on IndieHaven, Phil has been an editorialist for Bell of Lost Souls, one of the biggest wargaming news sites on the internet, and a writer for Omnigamer, a magazine dedicated to video gaming and all the jumping and screaming that they cause. As a proud member of the Nerd Comedians Guild (trademark pending), he has performed at Cons and events all over the country, including Pittsburgh Comic Con, X-Con, and GnomeCon.

Phil Keeling is available for cons, clubs, bars, casinos, mud wrestling semi-finals, high school proms, back alley fight clubs, and funerals.  His favorite beetle is the Bombardier Beetle, who can fire a noxious, explosive spray to ward off predators.  His favorite Beatle is George Harrison, who cannot.

Phil can be contacted on the internet machine at southernwriter9@gmail.com.


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