The Commodore 64 Is Getting Its Own Mini

Oh for Pete’s sake.

The SNES Classic’s release isn’t the only nostalgia machine that’s getting attention today. Retro Games Ltd announced that it will be joining in on the tiny games market with their own wayback machine: a miniature Commodore 64 called THEC64 Mini.

Complete with 64 licensed games already loaded into its plastic shell, THEC64 Mini will also include HDMI connections and a joystick, and who knows: there’s the possibility that you’ll actually be able to get ahold of this one, unlike it’s Nintendo predecessors.


Cynicism aside, there was one feature mentioned by Retro Games that actually got my attention:

“As befits a home computer you can also plug in a standard USB PC keyboard and use as a classic C64 to type in those old BASIC computer listings or program new games,” Retro says.

Now that could be intriguing. Not only is this mini not attempting to keep out folks who would seek to mod it, it appears that they’re actually encouraging it. And with the seemingly endless creativity of some of the gaming industry’s modders, there’s a solid chance this could bear some unique fruit. We’ll just have to wait for next year to see.

THEC64 is due out in 2018, and retails at $69.99.

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