The Ataribox is apparently more than just something to pretty up your geek shelf.

Well, apparently the notion that next year’s Ataribox is just another plug and play novelty act has vanished. To a certain extent, anyhow.

Through their newsletter, Atari confirmed that the new console (Do we call it a console? Huh. I suppose we do.) will retail at between $250 and $300 dollars, feature Radeon Graphics technology, an AMD processor, and a Linux operating system.

In addition to coming loaded with classic Atari games (the only thing a lot of us initially expected it to do), the Ataribox will apparently also play “current” games, the specifics of which will be announced further in the future.

In addition to that announcement, Atari shared some new images (and confirmed one question in particular that many of us had):


Personally, when I thought that the Ataribox was simply going to be a plug and play tchotchke, that’s when I cared about the wood. Now that it’s clear that Atari intends to play with the big boys in one of the most competitive markets in gaming history, I’m more interested in knowing what sets it apart from a beefed up Ouya.

I can’t be the only person who thought “Ouya” when the Ataribox started flexing, can I?

The Ataribox is scheduled for released in the Spring of 2018.

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