Sega Announces Total War: WARHAMMER!

*deep breath*

Well, the rumors have proven beautifully true–Sega is indeed bringing us an epic Total War game filled with orcs and dwarves and gods and chaos!

They’ve announced not only that the armies will include the Empire, the Greenskins, the Dwarfs, and the Vampires, but that this will only be the first of a three-part, expansion-laden trilogy.

Between all of these promises and the polarizing quality of recently-released Total War games, we’ve got a lot of bated breath filling nerd lungs. This could be the grandest, most awe-inspiring encapsulation of the Warhammer universe yet brought to PCs. Or it could be an unmitigated disaster–full of gnashing teeth and the moans of the dead and dying.

Either way, we should have a lot of fun, eh?

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