Four In February 2015!

Joystiq might be on its way out, but it appears that Four In February will still be going strong!

For the uninitiated, Four In February is a challenge invented by Mike Suszek that encourages geeks of sizes both large and small to finish games that have been sitting in the corner, quietly calcifying from lack of play. This could mean games you never started, games you never officially finished, or games that were sent to you as a gag gift from some asshole on Steam who thinks that the idea of you owning Ride To Hell: Retribution is hilarious.

As the “rules” point out: there are no rules. This is about having fun, and showing off at the hashtag #4iF. So in the interest of fun, I’ve decided to list my four games today, and give you the occasional update as the month wears on. Here we go:


Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

I started this one on my Xbox 360 a few years back, but due to life and employment (pfft–when has that ever stopped a true gamer, amirite?) I dropped it early on. All this despite really enjoying it. This is one I’ve been meaning to get to, and #4iF gives me a handy excuse.



Here’s a classic I never got around to playing. Although, based on its initial sales numbers, I’m clearly not the only one.


Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale

I’m far from an anime guy, but this one has been recommended by far too many people I respect for me to ignore it. Let’s get to it.


Dead Space

Yeah–more than any other game on this list, this is the one that gets me the queerest looks anytime I mention that I haven’t played it. And after soaking up the spookfest that was Alien: Isolation this year, I’m ready for some more survival horror.

So let’s hear it, my darling invertebrates of the internet: what are your games for Four In February? Let’s show off a little!

Join me on Steam at the Conquistadorklings board to post your own games!

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