Prison Architect to Break Free of Early Access in 2015!

Well, slap some cuffs on me and call me a serial murderer: Introversion Software announced today that it plans to offer a full release of its already massively successful Early Access title Prison Architect in 2015.

Call me jaded, but the whenever any title comes out of the money pit of Steam’s Early Access, I am simply gobsmacked. However, by all accounts, Prison Architect is far from any sort of slam-bash cashgrab, and I think we have a lot to look forward to with this full release.

Introversion also announced that they were busy developing a mobile version of Prison Architect, and had teamed up with John Cook of Bad Management for a console release:

“We’ve wound him up, pointed him at GDC and we’re firing him across the Atlantic like a deal-seeking missile to find us a retail partner and a publisher to help us work on a console version.”

Could this be the beginning of a beautiful landscape of Early Access titles that *GASP* actually deliver on what they promise? The lion laying down with the lamb–Israel giving gentle hugs to the Gaza Strip–cats and dogs living together??

Yeah, probably not. But it should be a great game, all the same.

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