Life Is Strange Launch Trailer Revealed!

For now, it seems that the end of the episodic adventure game is nowhere in sight, and lovers of the unique and surreal couldn’t be happier about that fact. The most recent example comes from the kinetic and distinctly French tang of Life Is Strange, which will be released by this time tomorrow on January 30th.

Their launch trailer was released today, and I’m looking forward to playing it–it feels like Twin Peaks took a bath with Donnie Darko. Throw in a splash of XX chromosomes for flavor, and you’ve got something unique to ring in the new year with.

Life Is Strange will be released for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4 in five parts ($4.99 a pop, or $19.99 for the Season Pass), and you can expect my first impressions of this new series in the upcoming week–keep your eyes peeled!

…Not literally peeled: that’s disgusting.

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