Escapist, GameTrailers, and GameFront All Smacked With The Layoff Stick…

Dancing merrily through the Escapist forums today came the word that several members of Defy Media’s staff would be receiving the rusted battleaxe that is unemployment, including Escapist’s Editor-in-Chief, Greg Tito. Tito took a moment on TwitLonger to point out that this appears to be a lose-lose situation no matter which way you slice it:

“This news sucks for everyone,” Tito said, “including those left behind to run these publications.”

Escapist General Manager Alexander Macris claimed budgetary problems as the reason for this downsize. He also denied speculation that they would be taking place in some sort of merger, using metaphors that remind us all of the last time we were thrilled not be fired:

“It’s speculation. All of those properties are aimed at gamers, but each of those properties does different things in different ways for gamers. The goal is to have the sites support each other at each doing what they are best at. So look to see an intra-site re-focusing combined with inter-site cooperation.

While the notion of creating walking tanks with howitzers seems awesome, actually we will have tanks, infantry, and howitzers, and they will work together in a combined-arms task force. This metaphor seems sensible to me but I have been watching a lot of Robotech lately.”

Yet another reminder that it’s a brutal time for games journalism–warm wishes and well drinks to Tito and everyone else affected by this layoff.

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