First Screenshots of “Sunset” from Tale of Tales!

This morning, developer Tale of Tales released the first screenshots for their upcoming game Sunset, and it’s looking gorgeous. True to its name, everything seems wrapped in blazing oranges and reds and purples. Auriea Harvey (one half of the two person team that is Tale of Tales), makes a point to say that these screenshots aren’t the finished product, but I can’t help but feel that they get the point across beautifully.

“Rather than try to make a photo-real environment we’ve stuck to our artistic strengths,” Harvey says. “All Tale of Tales games have a really subtle stylisation that may not look real but once you are in these environments, they feel real. To pull off this effect in Sunset we’ve pushed the colour scheme to its saturation point with the tones of the evening sky, chic lighting from designer lamps and dramatic shadows.”

A narrative-driven adventure that follows a housekeeper who gets involved in a political uprising in a fictional South American city, Sunset has definitely got me interested. The 70’s setting, the violent nature of rebellion, the blue collar background of our protagonist–all of it adds up to something unique. It was a big hit on Kickstarter, and features a soundtrack by the amazing Austin Wintory, so on paper this adds up to being a worthwhile experience. It could be a thrilling adventure of politics, intrigue, and looking through windows!

Sunset is bound for release in March of this year–and you can expect to hear more about it here at Conquistadork. Enjoy the released screenshots below: for more specifics, check out Tale of Tales here.








Check out the story teaser here.

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