A Snippet From “Gamers Do It On The Table”

Here’s a snippet from my latest editorial at Bell Of Lost Souls.

“A cousin of the Fluffball, the Scribe has taken it a step further.  Not content to let faceless authors and designers decide his army’s fate, he creates an original background for every one of his armies.  This is the guy whose Space Marines have bits from Black Templars, torsos from Blood Angels, Space Wolf heads, and Tyranid biomorph weaponry (because why the hell not?).  He explains between die rolls that his chapter, The Emperor’s Nukes, is armed with a violent bioweaponry that they gained through meddling with new types of science forbidden by the Inquisition—that they count as Blood Angels when battling Chaos, Tau, Necrons, and Tyranids, but count as Chaos Marines when they fight anyone else. “

Read the whole thing here.

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